We’re thrilled to be in partnership for the Gospel! Immanuel Network's mission is to help pastors plant and cultivate healthy churches that plant churches for a global spiritual harvest. Our organization provides resources, support, and guidance to pastors, churches, and church leaders worldwide.

Started in 2014, The Immanuel Network is a mission cooperative of likeminded leaders whose mission is to plant and strengthen healthy multiplying churches in North America and the unreached peoples of the world.

We are churches, pastors, missionaries, and church planters who partner together to see the Gospel go forth and churches formed. We enjoy theological and missiological like-mindedness as we engage church planting and cultivating health among existing churches. It is our most sincere prayer that our Lord Jesus would provide many more years of faithful partnership.
Be known by a current partner for at least two years.
Attend an Immanuel Network Summit as a guest.

“We have benefitted from membership in the Immanuel Network in numerous ways. Immanuel’s commitment to prayer, especially for those who have been sent out has been an incredible blessing to us, not only as the saints at Immanuel pray, but as other churches in the Network follow that example and pray for us and others in the network. My wife and I have also been frequently helped, encouraged, and sharpened through relationships with others in the Network and appreciate the intentionality of having North American workers and international workers together on calls and meetings.”

J.P. - Pastor in The United Arab Emirates

Complete an application to join the Network

"We, at Commission Church, have greatly appreciated the prayer support of the network, and the blessing of partnering with network churches in prayer. As a young church, we are grateful for the opportunity to put missions before our congregation by inviting network missionaries to visit and share, and by supporting the next church plant. We have made regular use of experienced counsel and have been encouraged by the monthly call. Lastly, we have received in person help from Immanuel with construction, childcare and worship."

Commission Church - Church Partner

The potential partner is then assessed regarding the Network’s four parameters for partnership, namely: Vision, Doctrine, Relationally Aligned, Financially Aligned.

This initial assessment will be done in-person or via a conference-call interview with at least three representatives from the Network. The interview will seek to ascertain the applicant’s vision and doctrine alignment.
Welcome current Network Partners to visit your church
Receive an invitation to join from the Network Council

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