Started in 2016, The Immanuel Network Summit is a 3-Day, annual gathering of partners filled with fellowship, preaching, teaching, singing, praying, and partner reports throughout our network.


Immanuel Network’s commitment to our relationships with and among our partners and our mission to Help Pastors Plant And Cultivate Healthy Churches For A Global Harvest lends to our reason to physically have time to be together, network with one another, be sharpened by God’s word, and enjoy the depth of fellowship that God has created over the years.


By way of invitation, we encourage all our Network Partners to come to the summit. We also encourage our Individual Partners and Church Partners to bring along a select group of people from their churches who could benefit from our time together. The summit also serves as one of the many initial relationship points of contact for those interested in our Network Partnership.


Young Life Shelby County Director

Shelby County pastors are looking for a gifted man to initiate a county wide Young Life ministry that is evangelistic and Church friendly. Contact Pastor Andy or Pastor Jay Ingram for more information.

Lead Pastor, Olive Hill Ky

First Baptist Church Located in Olive Hill, KY prayerfully announces that we are accepting resumes for the position of Pastor to Fulfill all aspects of ministry including Preaching, Teaching, Visitation, Funerals, Weddings, Etc. Applicant must align with The Baptist Faith & Message 2000. Full time position offering Housing and Benefits ( along with some of the best cooking you'll ever sit down to) as part of the compensation Package. Please submit resumes and sermon audio files or sermon links to (

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